Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spanking & Corner Time In Front of Friends

In a lifestyle D/s relationship, the inclusion of friends and/or family in some of its more intimate aspects is a step which cannot be taken lightly and to be very honest, often.  It’s one thing for them to know about your living a “Wife Led Marriage” but something completely different when they are allowed to observe, or in some cases participate, in some very personal rituals and scenes.  Before making the decision to include others in your very intimate “inner circle” there are so many things that have to be considered.  

In my own less-than-expert opinion, I believe two of the more important factors that need to be considered are trust and whether or not the other person or persons are even receptive to your decision to open up.  Trust is incredibly important in lifestyles where a certain level of discretion or even anonymity is important.  You’ve got to be able to trust that special someone you include in your activities to understand your needs for discretion and how important they are to you.  Trust has another aspect to it – the one which exists between the Dom/me and the sub.  It might not seem very “Domme-like” to some readers, but many of these things need to be discussed with your sub beforehand.  While I don’t necessarily seek sissy’s “permission” to include others in our play, I feel it’s important that I get a very, very good read on her feelings about it.  A sub’s feelings are important to the health of a long term relationship.  Ignoring their feelings completely makes for excellent porn, but likely diminishes the quality of life. 

Beyond trust, you also need to make sure that your activity or play is something the other party is receptive to.  While public or semi-public play can add spice to our relationship, you never want to cross the line of public decency, going “over the top” in front of an unsuspecting public.  

After my friend Carol’s last visit here before Christmas where she saw tammy dressed and had the pleasure of receiving one of her pedicures, I made sure to follow up with her after she left to make sure she was comfortable with what had taken place.  My conversations with her reassured me that she thoroughly enjoyed herself during the short time she spent with us.  Carol is one of my closest lifelong friends.  At Christmas, we had promised to stay in touch and get together more often.  I thought Super Bowl weekend would be a good time to invite her over once more.  

So it was only after such careful consideration that I decided tammy would be punished in Carol’s presence last night.  My sister Sherry was also in attendance.  The punishment took place after a wonderful dinner sissy had prepared and served so elegantly while dressed in her French maid’s uniform.  The heels she wore while adding to the elegance, did point out her need for practice with higher heels.  I did allow her to eat dinner with us at the dining room table, something that isn’t always the case during “formal service.”  After sissy was done cleaning up after dinner, it was time for her discipline.

Spanking sissy in front of someone else takes the discipline to an entirely different level.  The embarrassment and possible erotic humiliation she senses is offset, or perhaps I should say complemented by the feelings I get from exhibiting the power and control I have over her in front of others.  Even though sissy has been punished in front of Sherry several times, there is still a certain amount of shame involved as she is stripped of her manhood and her pantied bottom put on display.  The addition of Carol to the audience increased her level of embarrassment last night and likewise, my own excitement.  

I took my time with the discipline last night.  I put the straight back wooden chair in the middle of the great room, directly in front of the sofa where Sherry and Carol were sitting having their coffee.  When sissy arrived in the room, I had her lift her skirt in front of them to reveal her white ruffled panties before she lay across my lap.  As she lay there, I ran my hand over her butt, commenting to Sherry and Carol how well the panties fit her.  Not being in chastity last night, I could feel the physical effect my touches and words where having on sissy.  I continued to tease her before the spanking began, making her wiggle her ruffled bottom back and forth several times. 

The ferocity of the spanking likely took Carol by surprise.  I believe she thought I was done after 30-40 whacks across sissy’s butt while her panties were still on.  I proceeded to have her stand up and lower her panties in front of them.  With the panties around her ankles, she received another 77 or so swats.  Her butt quite red, I decided to stop before I brought her to tears. The subject of bringing a sub to tears is worth a post all its own.  As much as I enjoy that, I thought it might be a bit much for Carol.

The spanking completed, I had sissy thank me, as well as Carol and Sherry for watching.  With her panties still around her ankles, I ordered her to walk to her special corner for some “corner time.”  The corner time was more symbolic than anything, probably about 15 minutes while we all enjoyed another cup of coffee.  When I finished my coffee I took sissy upstairs, got her ready for bed and rejoined the girls downstairs. 

Last night’s disciplining of sissy in Carol’s presence was just another important step forward in our relationship.  Now, there is one more person in our “inner circle”, someone who I can trust implicitly and who knows just how special the relationship I have is.  Now that Carol’s seen sissy’s gorgeous butt so intimately, panty shopping today should be a breeze.    


  1. did carol have any comments

  2. Hi Ms. Suzanne,

    I agree that there is something very erotically humiliating about others knowing about one's relationship and being invited to observe. I think it's hard to live with such an important part of life hidden away and generally unacknowledged.

    Do you and tammy belong and participate in any BDSM groups in your area? Em and I have never been very motivated that way but sometimes when we participate we derive pleasure and relief from not being able to share. Sharing is one of the factors motivating us to blog.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  3. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Thanks for that great story. Have you diapered her in front of Carol? When I diaper my sissy in front of girl friends, it never fails to shame her as she begs me not too.

    Mistress Denise

  4. Thank you, Suzanne, for this intelligent and sane discussion of this subject. I look forward to the possibility that you will follow sometime with a post about bringing Tammy to tears. I'd find that quite interesting to hear about. Happy Super Bowl! :-)

  5. Wow, so humiliating. And such a display of Your power. You must have been extremely turned on.
    How did Carol do? Is she married, wonder if it excited her to observe. So much to think about..
    Love reading Your blog.
    Hope you win Your bet tonight.

  6. sounds like Tammy was very brave to tolerate such a through spanking in front of your guests. Mick

  7. Suzanne,

    I was really taken by this statement. Your concern for Tammy's feelings is such an act of love.....ahumanishere

    "While I don’t necessarily seek sissy’s “permission” to include others in our play, I feel it’s important that I get a very, very good read on her feelings about it. A sub’s feelings are important to the health of a long term relationship. Ignoring their feelings completely makes for excellent porn, but likely diminishes the quality of life."

  8. Thanks everyone for all of your comments.

    b & jj - Carol did have some comments; more on that later.

    scott - Our experience with BDSM groups is very limited, and none was local. Just wouldn't work for us right now.

    Mick - I hope I can be so brave if I end up on the short end of this thing!

    Thanks ahuman - appreciate your comments.

    Ok...time to get ready for the game :)

  9. Very hot Suzanne,

    Very kinky.

    Should I send you some stretching exercises?

    The greatly amused,


  10. i think Your ethics are admirable Mistress Suzanne. -- olivia

  11. Suzanne, the one thing I hate about living in such a remote area of Maine is that I don't have a close circle of friends. We are not from here and most of my close girlfriends live far away.

    It is the next step in our relationship and we both know it. I'm sure it is a bit more frighten to hubbette. You know, that whole macho thing but we both know it's out there. As much as I love these blogs and converse via e mail I feel something is missing.

    As you know I am a big following of Lady Grey and would love to have a circle of friends to chat with and discuss this with.

    Kuddos to you for expanding your life to your trusted friends and family members.

  12. WC - send the stretching exercises anyway :) Who knows when I might need, or decide, to use them!

    Thanks QG! Having a circle of friends is nice and can be a benefit at times. Write me anytime.

  13. Anonymous2/07/2011

    The very first time I spanked my husband in front of my mother and sister was very humiliating for him. My mother and sister knew I spanked him but did it in private until one day when he needed a spanking right then and there. He took his spanking and he did cry. He then apologized to me and my mother and sister and did his corner time. I have since spanked him in front of a few other friends only when he did something that earned a spanking in front of them.


    1. Anonymous7/24/2012

      Karen, I just saw this , I have been spanked by my wife for years but until last weekend no one else knew or at least I thought that. Sunday my mother in law and sister in law were over and I angered my wife. She left the room and returned with her hair brush. I was shocked and at first acted like it was a joke. But my wife stated lecturing me and told her mom and sis that when I misbehave she punishes me! As she spoke I could feel me face blushing. Then my wife grabbed my ear and told me to drop my pants. Then she spanked me until I was begging and promising to be good. Then I got corner time. I am so humiliated

  14. There are three girlfriends of my Wife that She has confided to about how our marriage works...She says i know all three...but i'm only aware of one's is humiliating whenever She comes by for coffee or cocktails and i know She Wife says the day is coming soon...when She shows that friend what really happens to naughty husbands...just the thought is humiliating as well as highly erotic...Thank You for sharing an experience that "hits" so close to home!

    1. Anonymous12/02/2014

      My wife's close friends know I get spanked. She moved past telling them. They're allowed to watch. It's humiliating to enter a room in a shirt and panties and two or three fully dressed women. I must then bend across a hassock. My wife spanks me on the panties and lowers them during my spanking. When she's finished I must remain there

  15. Anonymous8/24/2012

    My wife has been preparing me for what she calls DD in the extended family. Much to my embarrassment but with my agreement she has shared how our marriage works with her mom and sister. She says that she will discipline me with her mom present and that her mom told her she would be happy to discipline me. I am 41 and her mom is 66. At first the idea was appalling to me but I trust my wife and I will do as she wishes

  16. Anonymous10/18/2012

    I got caught wearin my wifes panties when her an her 2 girlfriends came home an busted me. They know im spanked but never before done with others watchin .this time i had to stand in cornor in panties till I was spanked by all the women then had to service all 3 oraly then back to cornor for a hour before it was over.

  17. Anonymous12/01/2014

    I spank my husband & wanted to have a girlfriend over but didn't know how to bring it

    while shopping with Marianne one afternoon she said she was buying panties for her husband and he'd wear them for spankings. Before I lost me nerve I asked if she wanted to see my husband spanked. She agreed at once
    On the day of my husband's next spanking Marianne was present. Bob didn't know what to do when I told him to lower his pants and lay across the table. He asked to do it later but finally did as told. He was in floral design panties and turned bright red. After the spanking began, he had to lower his panties. Again his face was as red as his rear. When I finished he had to stand there with his panties by his thighs. This was exciting for me and Marianne